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Three Cafes Which Contribute To Good Causes

This week the backstory of my post is deeper than just sharing my favourite places. I’m still sharing some of my favourite places, but all of these places have an important connection. This week, I will share cafes in Helsinki which contribute to good causes. This contribution can be in the form of donations to charities that the owners are passionate about, or a philosophy that they weave into their business model. All of these cafes show in some way that they value much more than just personal profit.

The inspiration for this post comes from a very important event that I participated in recently. On 24th March, there were hundreds of March For Our Lives protests held around the world. As you likely know, March For Our Lives is a movement for gun reform in the United States. A Sustainable Community organised a protest in Helsinki on the 24th. We marched in solidarity with the hundreds of other protests happening around the world. Helsinki might be thousands of kilometres from the United States, but we hope that every little bit of support helps bolster the efforts of the movement.

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Helsinki’s Contemporary Circus Scene – Guest Post On The Culture Trip!

Tumble Into Helsinki’s Contemporary Circus Scene

Click the link above to read the article on The Culture Trip’s website!

This week has been a whirlwind for me, with many endeavours going on in my personal life. So I haven’t been able to devote enough time to exploring the city and researching for a new article. But fear not! What I have done recently is finish a guest post for The Culture Trip, a wonderful culture blog based in London and New York. The Culture Trip hosts articles written by hundreds of contributors from around the world. These contributors offer insights into the niche aspects of their local cultures.

I decided to dive into the contemporary circus scene in Helsinki. I’ve been fascinated by the subject for a long time, and recently had my interest reignited through my visits to Suvilahti. Cirko – Centre For New Circus has its premises in Suvilahti. I’ve walked by the building several times, my eye always catching on the bright “Cirko” sign that stands out among the old factory buildings. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to share Helsinki’s contemporary circus scene.

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Four Cultural Centres In Repurposed Industrial Buildings

Most of us sort our household rubbish and put paper, plastic, and glass in their appropriate bins. That kind of recycling is great, and we should definitely keep doing it (or start, if you haven’t yet!). But this is recycling on a whole different level. Helsinki knows how to recycle whole buildings! Well, technically “repurpose” would be a better word. There are several old buildings and industrial areas in Helsinki which have been repurposed to create centres of culture. We can transform any kind of space, from the sterile hallways of a hospital to the gritty machinery of an electrical plant. And theatres, art galleries and working spaces rise from the ashes like cultural phoenixes.

I can’t completely explain why I’m so attracted to these areas. Maybe it’s the concept of creating something new and flourishing out of a cold and abandoned space. Maybe it’s the intriguing juxtaposition of factory buildings and collections of fine art. But I really do love these locations. They’ve got an indescribable but infectious vibe. They may not look like much at first glance, but once you’ve spent some time exploring them, these places will draw you in.

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Three Places To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

There are many places in Helsinki for families with children, from Children’s Town in the Helsinki City Museum to a few locations of the Moomin Cafe. In the summer kids can play in the numerous public playgrounds, and in the winter there are indoor playgrounds of all kinds to check out.

But what if you’re a kid at heart, stuck in the body of an adult who wouldn’t fit on the playground equipment? I know exactly how that feels. Luckily there are places that are perfect for some wholesome fun, whether you’re ten years old or thirty!

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Three Museums You Can Get Into For Free

What do you expect from a museum with free entry? Maybe a few pieces of mediocre art? Perhaps some boring artefacts which you try to be interested in but completely forget once you leave the museum. There are definitely some free museums which suffer from these downfalls, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Even if you’re down to your last euro, you can still see some interesting museums in Helsinki. The three below are free at all times and are definitely worth the visit. If you’re hungry for more, try to be in Helsinki in the first week of any given month. That’s when many museums offer free entry on a specific day of the week. Here are some examples:

LUOMUS natural history museum: month’s first friday
Kiasma contemporary art museum: month’s first friday
Sinebrychoff art museum: month’s first wednesday

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