Three Spots for Tea Lovers in Helsinki

Finland is a land of coffee. But if you look around in Helsinki, you can find some amazing oases of tea as well. Teen ystävät ry (Friends of Tea Association) has compiled a list of tea shops in central Helsinki. They have appropriately dubbed this area the “Tea District”. The area stretches from Kamppi in the west to Katajanokka in the east, with most of the chosen tea shops congregated in this corridor.

I’m a huge fan of tea and thus living proof that a love of coffee and a love of tea can happily coexist. Below I’ve gathered three of my favourite tea shops/tea rooms in Helsinki.


Address: Annankatu 19, Helsinki

Tea Shops TeeMaa 01

Tea Shops TeeMaa 02

The name of this little shop on Annankatu means “Tea Country”. It’s a small country, but wonderful and full of amazing things. Just like Finland! ;) TeeMaa is a recipient of a certificate by Teen ystävät ry. I can wholeheartedly agree with every reason given by Teen ystävät ry for bestowing this honour on TeeMaa. They speak highly of TeeMaa’s large selection and the brewing skill of the owners. They also mention the lovely interior of the shop and the courses and tastings that TeeMaa offers.

The interior of the shop and tea room are decorated with a charming simplicity that is offset beautifully by the selection of available products. There are ceramic bowls and teapots in different colours and styles. And of course, there is tea! Bags of leaves with TeeMaa’s beautiful minimalistic logo line the shelves. Other forms of tea like individually wrapped pearls and powdered matcha are also available.

I decided to order a chai latte, as I’m always looking for good ones. TeeMaa’s chai latte is served in a ceramic mug without a handle, perched on a small wooden tray next to a glass mug of ice cold water. I had been expecting to analyse the flavour as I picked the mug up, but I noticed something else first. Since there was no handle, I needed two hands to lift the mug to my lips. This meant that I had to put down my phone (thus putting aside all distractions) and really concentrate on the tea. Immediately this sets the experience apart in a very positive and enlightening way. Plus, the chai latte was delicious!

I can’t leave my discussion of TeeMaa without mentioning something else that I found there. Matcha KitKats! I’d seen pictures online, but outside of Asia, they are really hard to find. Boy, was I glad to get one here!

The Ounce

Address: Fredrikinkatu 55, Helsinki

Tea Shops The Ounce 01

Tea Shops The Ounce 02

As I told the employee behind the counter, I had probably walked by The Ounce for the past five years without going in. I felt terrible about it because every time I saw The Ounce it radiated such an inviting aura. From the outside, you can tell that The Ounce takes its craft seriously. There is an automaton in the window riding a penny farthing and drinking tea. This and the rest of the decor makes The Ounce feel like 19th century English boutique.

The walls are lined with glass jars of tea with imaginative and colourful names. Some outstanding ones are “Irish Whiskey”, “Kielletty hedelmä (Forbidden fruit)”, and “Pariisin valot (Lights of Paris)”. The Ounce assigns a “tea of the week” each week, which you can see on their website. They often offer a sample of their tea of the week outside the shop. Their teas are bursting with fresh flavour.

The tea room in The Ounce is decorated just as sumptuously as the rest of the shop. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the model hot air balloon hanging over one of the tables! The whole room has a colour palette of warm greens and browns, creating a comfortable parlour vibe.


Address: Eerikinkatu 10, Helsinki and Tapionaukio 4, Espoo (Ainoa shopping centre)

Tea Shops théhuone 01

Tea Shops théhuone 02

théhuone is Finland’s first tea room, opened in 2005. This legacy is apparent by the crowd that greeted me when I walked into the Eerinkatu location. Behind the counter of théhuone were numerous large bags of different kinds of teas. There were Indian teas, Japanese teas, and many more. I don’t know if the various wooden crates stamped with details from tea supplies used to contain actual tea, or were just there for decoration. I’m assuming the former, but they make great decor no matter what. The pre-packaged tea, teapots and teacups for sale added some colour to the room.

théhuone would be a wonderful place to relax and work, or simply take a break from your day. I actually saw a woman sitting in a spot by the window and meditating. She had a tray on the small table in front of her, so she had been drinking tea. But as I walked in she was sitting in a comfortable lotus position with a serene look on her face. I didn’t stay quite as long as she did, but I did make myself comfortable in the seating room with a mango & ginger matcha iced tea.

  1. I absolutely love this post! The chai latte tea looks really creamy and warming in that first tea place. My parents will be visiting Helsinki this year, so I’ll send them your post so they can try some of these for themselves!

    • admin

      18th April 2018 at 20:55

      Awesome, I hope your parents like Helsinki! The chai latte really was excellent, I enjoyed it so much.

  2. I LOVE Chai Latte! It’s always so difficult finding a good one isn’t it. Some are too sweet, some are too creamy. Sounds like Teemaa has nailed it though. Interesting what you said about being forced to put down your phone and just concentrate on the tea. I like that. I’m definitely guilty of constantly using devices (especially since I’ve been blogging) and sometimes you’ve just got to enjoy the moment.

    • admin

      18th April 2018 at 20:56

      Exactly the same! I’m always on Twitter or Pinterest for my blog. It was nice to completely concentrate on the thing I was drinking for once.

  3. I also love both coffee and tea. I was in Helsinki last summer but didn’t try any of these places. I did get some Moomin themed tea that I really enjoyed. I think I would also enjoy the matcha tea at théhuone.

    • admin

      18th April 2018 at 20:58

      The matcha tea was great! Moomin themed tea is a wonderful thing as well though and definitely recommended. :)

  4. I’m a primarily a coffee drinker, but can still appreciate a good tea. These little tea places you highlighted all look charming, and from your description, it is obvious they serve great tea. Would be worth checking out for anyone visiting Helsinki.

  5. Lauren Pescarus

    18th April 2018 at 09:29

    Who knew Helsinki had such wonders! I am also always in search of a good tea shop, the second I stop by Finland I will definitely be checking these out. What I’m really a sucker for are the mugs and cups they serve tea in. As a former ceramicist, I appreciate a good mug. It looks like your pictures captured quite a few excellent teacups and mugs that the world needs more of. Lovely post, thank you!

  6. The timing on this could not be more perfect for me! I have a 2 day layover in Helsinki and have been designing an itinerary. I love trying tea in different places so this will be perfect for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin

      18th April 2018 at 20:59

      How serendipitous! I’m so glad I could help you make an itinerary for Helsinki – I hope you enjoy your layover here!

  7. Abhinav Singh

    19th April 2018 at 13:01

    Coming from India, I have grown up drinking different varieties of teas. I am amazed to see that Helsinki has a tea district of its own. So good to see that théhuone stocks Indian tea too! I am also impressed to see the sheer variety The Ounce stocks!

    • admin

      20th April 2018 at 10:54

      There was plenty of Indian tea in théhuone, and I’m quite sure the other shops had Indian tea as well! Indian tea is definitely amazing so it’s no surprise it’s available even all the way here in Helsinki. :)

  8. This post certainly brought out the tea lover in me. Lovely to hear of these great recommendations on places in Finland to savour a nice, piping hot cup of tea in the cold weather unique to the Nordic countries.

  9. I love this post! I definitely agree that a love of both tea and coffee can exist happily side by side. All of these places look so beautiful and thoughtfully curated. I swear I could spend hours in tea shops! I particularly love the chai latte with no handles, it’s such a conscious and mindful way to drink. Beautiful photos too. I could go on and on! :)

    • admin

      22nd April 2018 at 21:06

      I could spend hours in these tea shops too! And I agree, the mug with no handles is a great conscious design choice. Thanks for the comment!!

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